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Compassionate leadership doesn’t happen overnight.

It takes time, hard work—and the right support.

The Well is a community that uplifts the best in each other, in living well and leading well. It’s a place where you can connect, network, and learn. It’s all about self-discovery and self-love—and increasing your capacity to lead others with compassionate regard.

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Storytelling, Strategies, Hypnosis and Whimsical Neuroscience

Go to the Well is about empowerment, that you have the power to master your mind, your body, and your habits to have the life you want. Self-hypnosis makes mental health portable, affordable, and accessible for those who are therapy-averse. Every episode is a hero’s journey; then unpacks the practical strategies of how they overcame adversity and achieved success, and finishes with a lil’ hypnosis to seal in the learnings, remove any barriers, and fill the listener with confidence.

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