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I work as a trainer and coach with dental offices and their leaders.

Want to be an influential leader and provider? Learn the principles of influence backed in neuroscience from a certified hypnotist.


“Holly's leadership course was a very valuable experience for me.”

“My social and leadership skills have increased markedly since taking the course and I am a better doctor and person for it. I can not recommend it highly enough.”

— Dr. Devin Kuller, CPW Dentistry


“Holly's leadership training exceeded my expectations.”

“The training sessions were very interactive and it was a very enlightening experience that has forever changed the way I view myself and my interactions with other, both professionally and personally. I wanted to learn how to effectively motivate my colleagues and Holly taught me the idea of observing your reactions and understanding how that affects your actions as a leader. You learn there's an emotional aspect that drives us to do certain things. I am so grateful to Holly to providing me with this valuable framework!”

— Sabrina H., Director of Business Development


“The leadership course wasn’t just about how to become a leader, it was about learning who you are as a person so that you could become a great leader.”

“It changed my outlook on my life both professionally and personally. Before the leadership course I was very reserved and needed help on how to connect with others on a more personal level. After the course, I find myself rising above the limits I had created for myself in the past and can see myself reaching new heights. Getting promoted to lead a team was validation that taking the course was worth it.

— Shameka S., Director of Compliance


Some of the ways I work.


Some of my most popular courses include:


“Better to be Safe”

How does safety relate to case acceptance? How can we create a more engaging case presentation that feels psychologically safe for our patients both clinically and financially? How can we promote a culture and habits of safety for ourselves to optimize creativity and collaboration in our office?

Course Objectives
  • Understand the difference between convergent and divergent thinking
  • Learn tips to put ourselves back in safety when we get frustrated
  • Understand how safety relates to culture and patient experience
  • Learn the 11 steps to safety for effective case presentation

“Culture Transformation: The 3C Formula for Practice Success”

What is culture? It’s the way we think, our habits, the way we feel about ourselves and others, what we choose to focus on, what we choose to talk about, and the way we talk about it. Culture determines the quality of our decisions, the quality of our relationships, our satisfaction, and ultimately become the legacy we leave behind.

Course Objectives
  • Learn to replace reactivity with compassion, curiosity, and creativity
  • Understand the drama triangle and how to diffuse it
  • Define your company culture, and the anti-culture, and a process to hold the team accountable to your core values
  • Learn to change your thought patterns to improve your mood, improve relationships, and make better decisions
  • Improve the quality of your conversations and meetings

“Designing a Memorable Patient Experience”

The average practice has a conversion rate of only 50%. They could grow so much faster if they were able to delight patients so they were compelled to return. What makes patients have a positive memory of their experience? What makes them say yes to treatment, refer their friends, and come back? Together, we’ll design a patient experience process that is clear for all parties, easy to execute efficiently and consistently, patient and colleague friendly, and memorable, resulting in great case acceptance and patient retention.

Course Objectives
  • Understand the 3 elements of a memorable patient experience
  • Design the patient experience using the Disney imagineer method
  • Define contingency plans
  • Roleplay the patient experience

“Elevating Partnership: Love & Conflict”

One of the most important skills in leadership, and in any relationship, is the ability to navigate a difficult conversation, maintaining high quality communication through both parties’ discomfort, all while solving the problem, meeting the needs of all stakeholders, and strengthening the relationship as a result. This workshop gives you actionable tools so you never have to avoid conflict again. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll even learn to love it.

Course Objectives:
  • Care enough to confront: Learn the 7 roles people play in conflict
  • Master the Bothish outcome
  • Understand how to recognize, get curious about, and diffuse emotional triggers for yourself and others, finally breaking reactive patterns and having more creative, collaborative conversations even with different perspectives and goals.
  • Learn the best ways to start and end a difficult conversation.
  • Define your rules of engagement to create safety to engage in addressing tough topics.

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